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Big Hoss BBQ pours on the flavor and delivers high-quality BBQ to your plate. When you eat at Big Hoss BBQ you know that you are getting the greatest BBQ in town. Killeen’s best mobile mechanics pours on the talent. I pour it on as thick as the BBQ sauce is slathered on the BBQ at Big Hoss BBQ.  I add satisfaction right on top of that by the excellence in customer service you get. The other places around town can’t deliver the same talent level. While they’re still quite talented, they’re not where I’m at as far as auto/auto repair service talent. The little bit of extra talent that I offer goes a long way. That’s something you and your vehicle will experience when you try me out.


Using the BBQ example their BBQ would be very good, but it wouldn’t be the most delicious. They can’t match the level of talent I have when it comes to auto/auto repair services. Another area where I’m a bit better than anyone else is customer service. Their customer service is good but mine is excellent and is that way consistently. If we were comparing using the BBQ example again, theirs is consistently good sometimes great. My customer service would be like getting excellent BBQ every single time. You’ll get more with me and all the things I offer you’ll have a better experience with.

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Contacting the best mobile mechanic in Killeen means you’ll have an excellent auto/auto repair service experience. An experience equal to when you go to Bite the Bagel Deli and Cafe and experience their customer service.  You will also get a quality level that’s equal to the quality of the food that they serve there.  Contacting anyone else in the city means you won’t get the same quality. The customer service experience will be a peg or two down from the quality offered by me. I’m at the very tippy top when it comes to the experience, I deliver to all my customers. That’s how I make a difference for you and something I’m truly proud of.

You deserve excellent customer service and the highest level of quality when you get your vehicle worked on. That means the only person you should contact for these services is me. I’m the one who cares about meeting your needs and making sure you are satisfied. Everyone else around town is limited in how much care and satisfaction they can deliver to you.  You shouldn’t settle for anything less than the ideal experience. That is exactly what I offer to you with my customer service skills. My talents allow me to give you the top overall auto/auto repair service experience for your vehicle.

Consistency and the slight edge I give you and your vehicle is a good reason to contact me. Your vehicle will last longer, run better, and serve you well when I perform your auto/auto repair services. Try me and see what everyone else is seeing, that I’m the right person for your vehicle.